Our Story

A rather short/long 10 years ago, a younger boy met a wiser girl. Although the boy did not have much life experience such as previous marriages or kids and basically lived a 20 somethings bachelors life. Younger boy with no responsibility's fell in love with this wiser girl.

Wiser girl had recently been divorced and had three beautiful girls at home. With the freshness of being newly single, one starts to go out on the town and met younger boy. Although still rather immature and somewhat rough around the edges, wiser girl fell in love with younger boy.

After 4 years of blissfully romantic ups and downs, a break up and a reconciliation, younger boy and wiser girl got married.

This brings us to the three beautiful girls. They now have to share their mother and live together as a family with this younger boy. As many people know, blending families is always an easy transition for everyone involved. Mixing a family with three girls is as easy as it sounds, many times laughing, crying, yelling and otherwise perfect relationship has developed over the years. Initially when young boy and wiser girl met, the three beautiful girls where just kids themselves, but fast forward the years and we now have two beautiful young woman and one beautiful teenager.

Raising girls through their teenage years has seemed challenging for some families, but for younger boy and wiser girl, this time in their life was was as easy as cutting their wedding cake. When the older two girls moved out of the home and was on their own at 18 years old, just like they yelled at wiser girl and younger boy many times throughout their adolescence. Younger boy and wiser girl thought they had this raising children stuff figured out.

Then, younger boy and wiser girl became pregnant and was gong to have a child between the two of them. After having three beautiful girls that were spitting images of their mother, god decided to throw them a curve ball and here came baby boy. Wiser girl had already raised three well behaved young woman, how could raising a boy be any different? Well, what younger boy and wiser girl had found out is that beautiful baby boy arrived with the same amount of energy as a nuclear powered energizer bunny & neither one of them were still spring chickens themselves.

Which brings you up to day on today. I hope its as enjoyable to read as it is to tell our stories.

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